Tas Event Inc


Tas Event Inc is registered as Not for Profit incorporation in March 2017, with the vision of Student, youth and women involvement in cultural, arts, music and personal development to Empower social engagement. At the same Time our mission is to promote and expose arts and music in extra ordinary way.


General Info

We heard too much about Australia is multicultural country, but we are in desperate need of preserving and promoting our cultural and add some beauty to existing Australian culture to ensure continuity to next generation. we want our young people to engage in performing arts, music and festive events.

Now Young people, students and most other people are hanging on internet and on street corner with nothing to do due to lack of rejuvenating activities which may leads to engage in illicit activity. We want to introduce some inspiring cultural, arts and musical activities and make difference in their lives motivating to involve in cultural, arts and musical activities. If they keep up own cultural, music and arts than only can contribute to community and nation. These leads to consecutive reduce in stress, loneliness and bad practices and criminal activity in the community. recent Covid-19 proved as disaster to guest and entertainment industry without having single event in last 3 Years.

There is a tremendous need especially for high-risk migrants, students and youth in low income families and communicate in the state, for programs that provide activities and support for students and young people to inspire and make difference with refreshes in their lives.

Since 2016, interstate migrant been moving to Tasmania in search of new and permanent settlement. Growing population of Nepalese community means in need of more engagement/ entertainment events.That’s the reason we organise it too rejuvenate community people, visiting Parents: engagement of visiting parents is very important to ensure their children are within their community or group where they can find themselves comfortable to share the stories seek help in emergency, personal support and many more. The most important part is participating in cultural and traditional events is evidence of preserving and sharing our enrichment among new generation. this turns to be great social engagement.

To get some meaningful success for exiting barrier of diversity and make them hopeful we must organise some attractive programs, so we invite the various popular artist combined to attract attention from all categories of audience. We have planned to share on how to explore the opportunity and possibilities in Tasmania, importance of culture, what they can do for better living, importance of them for community and nation. we want to make that event as historical, much as informative and beneficial to attendees. In the meantime, showcase the true cultural music to existing and growing generation.

Further Information

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